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The following table covers the most common questions our customers have about the Afghan Hound dog breed. If you have any suggestions for facts to include, leave us a comment or email us.

Afghan Hound Dog Breed Facts

Origin – Afghanistan
Dog Group – Sight-hound
Height – 2 feet – 2 feet 4 inches
Weight – 50-60 Pounds
Life Span – 10-13 Years
Eating Requirements – 2-2.5 cups of dry food twice a day
Coat Style – Fine hairs, thick coat, and silky
Coat Colors – All solid colors are accepted
Grooming Required? – Yes, their long coat requires grooming. Their hair should be combed and washed weekly. Cut approximately every 2 months.
Gait – Gallop
Temperament – Aloof, Independent, Goofy, Happy
Exercise Needs – Higher than average but not extremely high. 100 being the most exercise required the Afghan Hound is rated at 80/100
Activities – Racing, lure coursing, and daily walks.
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