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The following list details facts and general information about the Basset Hound breed. From origins to eating, styles, exercise levels, and more, you’ll find all you need and want to know about the Basset Hound dog breed. Leave us as a comment with suggestions on other topics to cover and how you think we are doing!

Basset Hound Dog Breed Facts

Origin – France
Dog Group – Hound Group
Height – 11 inches – 15 Inches
Weight – 44-75 Pounds
Life Span – 11-12 Years
Eating Requirements – As we always say in our posts, every breed is different and every dog is unique! Despite what you read in this post or on any other website, your dog likely will not match up perfectly with the “typical” eating habits of the Basset hound profile. Most experts will say that you should focus on fiber, magnesium, amino acids, and a well rounded mix of vitamins and minerals. A standard sized Basset Hound requires roughly 1000 calories per day. This number will vary based on amount of exercise your dog receives daily. Most high quality dog foods will be more than perfect for your Basset. Be sure to research and not skimp, the high quality stuff really makes a difference in your dog’s health.
Coat Style – Short Coat – Smooth/Soft
Coat Colors – Black, Tan, and White Tricolors – Bi Colors
Grooming Required? – The main focus when grooming your Basset should be their ears and eyes. Due to their droopy eyes and eye biology, these areas can become dirty quickly causing infection and other issues. Other than those things, the routine grooming should be performed as well. Clean their teeth, brush their coat, check their anus, and trim nails regularly.
Gait – “Glides with Effortless Force”
Temperament – Affectionate, Friendly, Sweet, Patient, Quiet
Exercise Needs – Just like eating habits, exercise needs will vary from Basset Hound to Basset Hound. Typically your Basset will require daily exercise. With that said, they don’t require a lot of exercise, moderate daily exercise should be plenty.
Activities – Basset Hounds are pack dogs, they love being with a group of their own species. Consider walking your Basset with other dogs. Any activities that include other dogs will always be great for your Hound. Because of their intense sense of smell, a simple walk, or path through the woods will get your Basset excited for sure!
Basset Hound Products – We hope you’ve had a great time and learned something today from our list of facts and information about the Basset Hound! If you are or know a Basset Hound lover you should check out our: Basset Hound Gifts & Merchandise.

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