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Posted by: Kim Mattar Category: Dog Breed Facts

The following table covers facts and general information about the Beagle breed. From origins to eating, styles, exercise levels, and more, you’ll find all you need and want to know about the Beagle dog breed. Leave us as a comment with suggestions on other topics to cover and how you think we are doing!

Beagle Dog Breed Facts

Origin – Scotland
Dog Group – Herding Group
Height – 13 inches – 16 Inches
Weight – 20-24 Pounds
Life Span – 12-15 Years
Eating Requirements – The Beagle breed requires one cup of dry food that is separated into two meals. One meal in the morning and the other in the evening. High protein, vitamins, and fiber are all important for your Beagle.
Coat Style – Short Double Coat
Coat Colors – Lemon/White – Chocolate Tri – Orange/White – Tri Color – White/Chocolate – White/Tan – Red/White
Grooming Required? – The Beagle’s short coat reduces the number of trips to the groomer. Beagles require far less grooming and cleanup than other dog breeds. The Beagle breed has sensitive skin, baths are recommended no more than bi weekly.
Gait – “Trot and Gallup”
Temperament – Excited, Even Tempered, Gentle, Smart
Exercise Needs – As we always say in every dog breed facts post, each breed has different requirements. Not only that but each dog is unique even if they are the same breed! Regardless of what you read in this post, other website, book, etc. your dog likely will not match up perfectly with the “typical” exercise habits of the Beagle profile. Most experts say the Beagle needs a minimum of 1 day of exercise per week. The activity should be 20-40 minutes. Ideally your Beagle should be active twice per week. Many puppy Beagles have loads of energy, potentially requiring more exercise. I have heard from many Beagle owners that their Beagle required a 1 hour walk every day until 18-24 months old. Again, remember, your experience may vary.
Activities – Beagles like most dogs enjoy walks, runs, fetch and any other outdoor activities. Many hunters own Beagles for their amazing tracking abilities and sense of smell. This means they enjoy any scent based activities such as walking trails in the woods, hunting, or hiking.
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