Dog Lover Store was established in 2008 when owners, Kim and John, were both still in college. Kim was earning her college bachelor degree in Operations Management and John was earning his college bachelor degree in Management Information Systems. Kim and John noticed the gap of unique offerings in the dog-lover industry, and with graduation quickly approaching, they knew their plan was start an e-commerce business together. They both had a love for dogs, a passion for business, and an excellent partnership. Soon enough, Dog Lover Store was born. Dog Lover Store aims to offer unique gift ideas and decor for dog lovers. We know dogs are as unique as their humans. They have their own coloring, markings, personalities, and mannerisms – all of which makes them easy to love and one of a kind!

Meet the owners…



For Kim, the love of dogs started in June 2006 when she got her Pomeranian. Dog Lover Store fans may know him as Teddy, the Dog Lover Store mascot. Kim always wanted a little lap dog – a dog she could cuddle up with on cold winter nights and take on quick trips to the store. Unfortunately, Teddy didn’t turn out to be the lap dog she once hoped he would be. But fortunately, Kim was pleasantly surprised with the companionship and energy she got from Teddy. Teddy’s outlook on life actually became a source of inspiration for Kim and many others. He loves people. He loves other dogs. And best of all, Teddy loves exploring and seeing new things. Kim handles packaging and shipping customer orders, ordering and sourcing product lines, and helping with customer support. She also loves getting to know customers through social media.


John’s love for dogs came shortly after Teddy came into his life. Seeing Teddy grow from a little puppy, training him, going for walks, and playing fetch, ignited John’s love for dogs. It was rewarding to teach Teddy and see him learn the ways of the dog world. John handles business behind the scenes. He optimizes and maintains our website, controls inventory/product management, provides customer support, helps out with shipping orders, and connecting with manufacturers.

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Meet Teddy…


Teddy loves playing with his ice cream cone shaped squeaky toy. He enjoys going for walks, riding around in the car with the window down, and he loves meeting new people.