Teddy as a Puppy

Teddy The Pomeranian

The Tail Behind Our Beginning

We owe everything to this fluff ball because he is the “WHY” behind our business. Meet Puppy Teddy circa 2006 (left), the year he first joined our family. Teddy was the first pup to steal our heart, which lead to a business fueled by love and passion. Since the beginning, Teddy has proudly been the official store mascot and model for many of our photo shoots. Teddy joyfully entered his senior years (right), and his playfulness began to slow down. But he was still the Teddy we all knew and loved. He was obsessed with his ice cream cone squeaky toy. But what he really enjoyed was being our protector and looking out the front window. He also loved riding around in the car with the window down. At 14 years old, Teddy passed away in September 2020. There isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t think of him and picture him in doggy heaven. We will forever thank him for being the igniting spark behind our business.

The Humans Behind the Story

Owners - John and Kim

Meet Kim

For Kim, the love of dogs started in June 2006 when she got Teddy. Kim always wanted a little lap dog – a dog she could cuddle up with on cold winter nights and take on quick trips to the store. To Kim’s surprise, Teddy didn’t turn out to be the lap dog she once hoped he would be. Teddy had bigger plans – more adventure, more fun, more excitement. Fortunately, Kim has a “you do you” mentality and embraced Teddy’s personality. Teddy’s outlook on life became a source of inspiration for Kim and many others. He loves people. He loves other dogs. And best of all, Teddy loves exploring and seeing new things.

Kim handles picking, packaging & shipping customer orders, ordering, creating, & sourcing product lines, and customer support. She is also the artist behind all of our custom painted figurines. Additionally, Kim enjoys connecting with customers and their dog’s through social media.
Kim loves nature, shopping, Oprah, photography, interior design, sunsets, TV, love, and all beautiful things.

Teddy & Kim

Meet John

John’s love for dogs came shortly after Teddy came into his life. Seeing Teddy grow from a little puppy, training him, going for walks, and playing fetch, ignited John’s love for dogs. It was rewarding to teach Teddy and see him learn the ways of the dog world.

John handles business behind the scenes. He optimizes and maintains our website, controls inventory/product management, provides customer support, picks and packages orders, and maintains connections with our manufacturers.
John loves music, his mom’s home-cooked Lebanese food, video games, cold weather, creating the perfect cup of coffee, and all things that spark nostalgia.

Teddy & John

When We Began

Dog Lover Store was established in 2008 when owners, Kim and John, were both still in college. Kim was earning her college bachelor’s degree in Operations Management and John was earning his college bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems. With graduation quickly approaching, they knew their plan was to start an e-commerce business together. They both had a love for dogs (thanks to Teddy), a passion for business, and an excellent partnership. Soon enough, Dog Lover Store was born.

Where We are Now

FUN FACT: Kim and John are high school sweethearts! They started dating when they were in their junior (her) and senior (him) years of high school. When Kim and John launched Dog Lover Store back in 2008, they had been dating for about 4 years. Since then, both their business and love have never stopped growing. They got engaged, had a destination wedding in Florida, built a house in their hometown, and live happily – working, thriving, and dreaming – together. Their business has expanded, now offering more products than ever before, both personalized and one of kind. Plus, now you can shop with them on Amazon, eBay, and Etsy, too!

Our Mission & Promise

Dog Lover Store aims to offer unique gift ideas and decor for dog lovers. We know dogs are as unique as their humans. They have their own coloring, markings, personalities, and mannerisms – all of which makes them easy to love and one of a kind! Providing gifts and items to cherish, that spark joy, and remind you of your four-legged friend is our ultimate goal. Beyond providing a one stop shop for all things dogs, we promise to provide a place where customers know they will be taken care of, heard, valued, and appreciated. We know customers are choosing us when they decide to spend their hard earned money and take time to shop, and we will never take that for granted.

Who We Serve

If you love dogs, then you are in the right place! We serve any human who loves their dog like the family member that they are. We also serve anyone buying for the person in their life who is obsessed with their dog. It’s okay if you’re not a dog lover yourself, we like everybody!
We also proudly serve makers and businesses all over the world. Cake makers, teachers, urn makers, nurses, non-profit organizations, Faberge egg makers, doll house makers, and more. They come to us to complete their fundraising, crafting, and gifting needs. The one thing that we have in common with all of our customers, besides the love of dogs, is the mission to provide joy. The joy of giving the perfect gift, topping the most beautiful wedding cake, or raising funds to support a shelter. All of these acts of joy are done with heart, love, and purpose.

Spreading Good Word

“Oh my gosh. It is perfect. Thank you so much. You may not know how much your work means to people, but this is so helpful as we grieve the loss of our baby Aster. So, thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking such care and making such a beautiful likeness of her. Again, please leave work today knowing how much good you’ve done for me and my family. Thank you.”




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John & Kim - Owners of DogLoverStore.com

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