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Our reference guide is a great way for you to get a true look at the size of our different dog figurines.
Customers use our figurines for very specific purposes. Customers use our offering of figurines for cakes, dollhouses, shadow boxes and more! Because each project is different, with specific size requirements, we felt it was important to provide a reference guide for customers to accurately gauge the size of each dog figurine line we have to offer.

Scale and Comparison

Often times we provide the sizes, in inches, in the descriptions or through direct correspondence with our customers. But it isn’t until the customer has the figurine in hand, to compare it with other familiar objects, that they are actually able to grasp the size. We decided to provide a reference guide with the figurines alongside a standard size Barbie doll. The size of a Barbie is universal, and well known. Plus, we are often asked the scale of our dog figurines. This size comparison allows you to determine whether or not the figurines will work for your project.

Medium Figurines

– The medium figurines range in sizes depending on the breed. We have them listed at approximately 4 to 5 inches in their longest direction. Sometimes a breed can measure at about 3.75 inches if they are in the sitting position or if they have uncropped ears, which reduces the overall height. Overall, the breeds in the “medium figurine” lineup are all in the same scale. But, because of these slight size differences, we have provided a visual of 4 different breeds next to the Barbie doll.

In the image below, the breeds (from left to right: Basenji, Rat Terrier, Jack Russell, and Australian Shepherd) each have the varying features that we mentioned that impact the overall size: standing versus sitting and cropped/erect ears versus uncropped/natural ears.

Shop all of our medium size figurines here:
Medium Sized Figurines

Medium Figurine Size Reference Guide

Mini Figurines

– The mini figurines range in sizes depending on the breed. Overall they are similar in size/scale, even moreso than our medium figurines. We have them listed at approximately 1.25 to 2 inches in the longest direction. Sometimes the longest direction is the height and other times it may be the length. Some figurines differ in size due to features like cropped ears, which may add height. Additionally, a dog that is longer and lower to the ground, like a Dachshund, may be shorter in height but it is longer in length than other breeds. This means the length of a Dachshund will be closer to 2 inches, whereas the height of a Great Dane will be closer to 2 inches.

In the image below, all of the breeds (from left to right: Husky, Pug, Australian Shepherd, German Shorthair Pointer) are in the sitting position, as opposed to our medium figurines which are in the standing and sitting positions. The sitting position provides a better uniformity in size. Plus, it allows for a flat base/bottom.

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Mini Sized Figurines

Mini Figurine Size Reference Guide

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