After you have added products to your cart, you can reach the checkout page in three different ways:

  1. Using the floating cart by mousing over the floating cart (clicking the floating cart when using mobile) and clicking “Checkout

    Floating Cart - Checkout

  2. Clicking the “Checkout” link in the top menu located at the top of each page on our website:

    Checkout with Top Menu

  3. Visiting the shopping cart in the top menu and clicking the “Proceed to Checkout” button at the bottom of the page:

    Checkout From Shopping Cart

The checkout page will appear as shown below, you will see fields to enter your shipping and billing details. If you need to provide a different address for the shipping details (useful when you wish to send a gift directly to someone else) you will need to click the checkbox “SHIP TO A DIFFERENT ADDRESS?” and enter the address you wish to ship the order to.

***If you wish to pay with your Amazon account you can click the “Amazon Pay USE YOUR AMAZON ACCOUNT” button which will have you login to your Amazon account and selecting your billing/shipping address and pay. If you wish to pay with Amazon, you don’t need to enter your shipping and billing details on the checkout page.***

If you would like to subscribe to our newsletter check the box labelled “Subscribe to Our Newsletter?”.

Then enter your billing/shipping details, select your shipping method, payment method, click the checkbox labelled “I have read and agree to the website terms and conditions *” to agree to our terms, and finally click “Proceed to Paypal” or “Proceed to Secure Payment” depending on which payment method you choose.

If you choose “Paypal” you will be redirected to Paypal to pay. If you choose “Credit Card” you will be brought to our secure credit card payment form to enter your credit card details and complete your order.

Checkout Page

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