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Breathing Stuffed Animals Perfect Petzzz Life Like Dogs Breed Stuffed Animals

Our collection of Perfect Petzzz stuffed animals are easily one of our top sellers! Each perfect pet contains hand laid fur and really appear as life like dogs! Each Perfect Pet is approximately 11 inches in length, but be sure to check each product for exact dimensions. Every Perfect Petzzz comes with a carrying case, a brush, bed, certificate of adoption, and 1 DD battery. Each Perfect Petzzz lasts for approximately 2-3 months on 1 DD battery. Upon receiving the pet, simply insert battery, remove the plastic tab, and watch your Perfect Pet transform into life! Their stomach breaths in and out mimicking real life like dogs. But please keep in mind, these are fake dogs that look real and breath. We like to call them breathing stuffed animals! Our dog breed stuffed animals are available in every breed offered in the Perfect Petzzz collection! Don't forget though, we also have two styles of the Perfect Pet breathing stuffed cats. Each Perfect Petzzz cat comes with the same quality and accessories as our life like stuffed dogs. Everyone says they are the best "real looking stuffed animals"! They are great for children or the elderly looking for company!