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Plush & Santa Dog Ornaments

Our Santa dog ornaments collection consists of tree ornaments, Santa boot ornaments, dog house ornaments and plush ornaments. Our Santa tree ornaments display your favorite dog breed in his/her stocking laying next to a beautiful Christmas tree. Each tree ornament is 4.25 inches tall and wonderfully decorated with ornaments, a gold star, and glitter!

Each dog house ornament depicts your favorite dog breed in front of a holiday themed dog house and measures 4 inches tall. For more details check out our blog post: Dog House Ornaments

Is your dog being mischievous? Do they love to chew on shoes? Well then it's no surprise to find him in Santa's boot is it?! Our Santa boot ornaments measure 4.25 inches tall.

Our plush ornaments are covered in soft faux fur that is pleasant to the touch. The bottom of each ornament is flat allowing you to sit it on a table or counter instead of hanging. For more details check out this blog post: Santa Boot Ornaments