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Dog Pillows Dog Tapestry

Our dog pillow collection at Dog Lover Store offers a variety of pillow sizes and styles. Our 9x8 pillows are perfect for decorating smaller areas of your home. Place on a rocking chair or recliner to add that extra touch to your home decor. Our 18x18 inch dog breed pillows are offered in three different styles: "I Love My", E&S pillows, and Robert McClintock art collection. The "I Love My" collection uses neutral colors that matches well with almost any home decor. The E&S pillows are a vibrant style with each pillow featuring a different color theme. From orange, to green, these pillows offer a brighter, more colorful appeal. Our art pillow collection features vibrant colors as well, but in a different way. These art pillows contrast nicely to our "I Love My" pillows. No matter what pillow you choose, our entire offering is made of high quality materials that are sure to last!