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The following table provides facts and information about the American Eskimo dog breed. From Origin to eating habits and quantities, you will find all of the common and necessary facts about the American Eskimo breed. Leave us as a comment with suggestions on other topics to cover and your thoughts!

American Eskimo Dog Facts

Origin – Germany
Dog Group – Non-Sporting Group
Height – 15 inches – 20 Inches Depending (Standard Size)
Weight – 18-35 Pounds (Standard Size)
Life Span – 13-15 Years
Eating Requirements – There is a lot of variability in regards to how much to feed your Eskimo (as there is with all dogs – remember every dog is unique, just like humans!). The standard consumption amounts range from 1/2 a cup to 1 1/2 cups of quality dry food. It is usually recommended to split this amount into two separate meals. American Eskimos have a refined pallet and may not like many foods. It is best to experiment to find what your Eskie likes and how their stomach handle the food.
Coat Style – Thick Fluffy Double Coat
Coat Colors – White.
Grooming Required? – It is recommended to brush your Eskimo daily and bathe once every couple months. Even though this breed is white,
it is not difficult to keep this dog clean. Their coat contains many natural oils that are known to repel dirt.
Gait – Agile and balanced gait. Their forward thrust has range and their rear balance is well developed.
Temperament – Intelligent, protective, reserved, and alert (similar to Pomeranians).
Exercise Needs – Walk daily along with at least one other active exercise daily.
Activities – Any activity that requires exercise and bonding with the owner(s).
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