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The following table covers facts and details about the Basenji breed. From founding to lifestyle, health, exercise levels, eating habits and quantities, you will find all you need and want to know about the Basenji dog breed. Leave us as a comment with suggestions on other topics to cover and how you think we are doing!

Basenji Dog Breed Facts

Origin – Democratic Republic of the Congo (Central Africa)
Dog Group – Hound Group
Height – 15 inches – 17 Inches
Weight – 20-26 Pounds
Life Span – 12-16 Years
Eating Requirements – As we always say in our posts, every breed is different and every dog is unique! Despite what you read in this post or on any other website, your dog likely will not match up perfectly with the “typical” eating habits of the Basenji profile. Many breeds respond well to raw or cooked meats, but the same is not true for the Basenji. The Basenji needs a balanced diet, raw/cooked meats only is not a balanced diet. 3/4 up to one cup of quality dry food separated into 2-3 meals throughout the day is recommended. Basenji’s do enjoy raw meats with pureed or slightly boiled vegetables as well. This should be an occasional treat and no recommended regularly. Food intake will depend greatly on the exercise levels of your Basenji.
Coat Style – Coarse/Fine
Coat Colors – Tri-Color, Red, Brindle, Tan, Black, Black/White, Red/White, Brown/White
Grooming Required? – Experts describe the Basenji as “Cat-Like” when it comes to their grooming. They are a breed that tends to keep themselves exceptionally clean, which is good news for the Basenji lovers! Despite their clean nature, it is recommended to check/clean their ears, nails, coat, and anal glands are proper and clean. Bathe as necessary.
Gait – “Trot/Gallop”
Temperament – Curious, Active, Attentive, Loving, Smart
Exercise Needs – Just like eating habits, exercise needs will vary from Basenji to Basenji. Typically your Basenji will be satisfied with a walk daily. But remember, the Basenji is a hunting dog and can require more than a daily walk to meet their exercise needs.
Activities – Basenjis are relatively easy to please when it comes to exercise. Racing, barn hunting, agility courses, scent detection, pretty much any activity that stimulates both the body and mind will work for the Basenji.
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