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Out of our entire collection of dog ornaments, our guardian angels ornaments are the most popular. What could be better than combining an angel with a dog? Our angels can be used as figurines, ornaments, or as a guardian angel! Each angel starts with a mold that uses a hand cast resin. The mold is then hand painted with air brush techniques. Next we assemble our cute guardian angel figurines by attaching them to a gold base. Lastly, we attach a halo, gold string, and wings to the figurine. Our customers tell us they are best for the holidays or for a dog lover who has recently lost a dog. Many customers have also told us they like to hang their angel statues in their car as guardian angels protecting them. Whichever way you choose to use our guardian angel dog ornaments we are sure you will be pleased! With over 230 breeds availble, you can be sure you'll find the dog you are looking for.