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We don’t believe Valentine’s Day is just for lovers, we think it’s about all things we love! Celebrate your significant other, your kids, yourself, and even your dog. Love is perhaps the most splendid thing we do. Don’t skip out on a holiday that celebrates it! Every year, Valentine’s Day is on February 14th.

Valentine's Day 2023 Dog Gifts Collection

We’ve curated a collection of our latest products that make excellent Valentine’s Day gifts. These are perfect for a girlfriend, wife, friend, or whomever you’d like to show love.

Signs – Display Love

Our dean russo and good dog signs display darling illustrations of your favorite dog breed. Also, they are embellished with flowers, hearts, and beautiful hues of pink, making them perfect for Valentine’s Day. Signs are versatile because you can mount them on a wall, place them on a shelf, hang them on a window with a suction cup, and much more.

Charms – Stickers – Ornaments – Hearts!

Hearts and Valentine’s Day go hand in hand! That’s why our loved collar charms, love my dog bumper stickers, and heart shaped ornaments all make the cut for our Valentine’s Day collection. Especially if you’re showing your dog some love this Valentine’s Day (which we hope you are!), these heart charms are the perfect accessory.

The I love my bumper stickers are great. They can be placed on a car, a wall, a notebook, or laptop, and more. Our bumper stickers truly shout the love you have for your favorite breed. Our heart shaped ornaments are one of our newest items, and may be our favorite! They are ceramic, heart shaped, double-sided, and can be displayed all year long. We love an item that isn’t just for seasonal use.

Decor & Kitchen

Decor is an excellent go-to gift, because you don’t have to worry about size or function. Our pillows and block signs have designs that easily fit into any home’s aesthetic.

Lastly, we have plenty of gifts for the kitchen like hand towels, pot holders, wine glasses, and wine bottle bags. The best thing about them is they are useful day to day. Dust collectors can be pretty, of course, but no gift is more appreciated than the one that is used regularly.

Either shop all of our Valentine’s Day gifts by using the links above, or shop our entire collection of dog lover gifts at

For even more fun, check out our valentine name game blog and be sure to share your dog’s Valentine name.

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