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The following information discusses facts and characteristics about the Australian Shepherd dog breed. From Origin to lifestyle, health, eating habits and quantities, you will find everything you need to know and would want to know about the Australian Shepherd dog breed. Leave us as a comment with suggestions on other topics to cover and how you think we are doing!

Australian Shepherd Dog Breed Facts

Origin – United States (Yes that is correct, it is not Australia. No one knows why they are named “Australian” for sure, but experts believe since their coat colors (especially the blue merle) was strikingly similar to Australian dogs, people began calling them “Australian”.)
Dog Group – Herding Group
Height – 18 inches – 23 Inches
Weight – 35-70 Pounds
Life Span – 13-15 Years
Eating Requirements – As we say, time and time again, not only is every breed different, but every dog is unique! Despite what you read in this post or on any other website, your dog likely will not match up perfectly with the “typical” eating habits of the Australian Shepherd eating profile. I know a couple different people with Australian Shepherds, and from what their owners tell me, they are all quite a bit different with their eating routines. Some prefer to eat early in the morning while others prefer to eat more in the evening. With that said, the Australian Shepherd typically needs 3-4 cups of dry food per day. The Australian Shepherd is no different from other breeds, you should feed them high quality food with the absence of fillers and preservatives. You should also distribute the 3-4 cups of dry food into two or maybe even three meals throughout the day. Of course the amount of food will vary greatly based on physical activity. If you are active with your Aussie, they will likely require more food to replenish the lost energy from exercise. Conversely, if your dog is a couch potato, then he/she may require less food than the recommended amount.
Coat Style – Double Coat w/ Thick Undercoat
Coat Colors – Red Merle, Blue Merle, Red Tri, Red, Brown, Black, Black Tri
Grooming Required? – Grooming is required for this breed. Their double coat contains a thick undercoat that sheds typically in the spring and fall. You should comb their coat during these times at minimum. If you do, they rarely require haircuts. Many Aussie experts recommend using a de-tangling spray to help untangle the coat when combing. If you keep up with their shedding by combing often, they should require few haircuts. But with this type of breed, if you let their grooming go, they often require much more maintenance than usual.
Gait – “Collected” – High Endurance, Speed, and Length
Temperament – Loving, Active, Smart, Positive Nature, Protective
Exercise Needs – Daily exercise is a must for the Aussie breed. Like most herding dogs, not only do they require regular exercise, but they are happiest when herding and running free. Unfortunately, that is typically not an option for most dog owners. Mental stimulation along with physical activity is recommended and I would say a necessity honestly. A minimum of 30-60 minutes of mental and physical activity is recommended daily. Similar to the Australian Cattle dog, the Australian Shepherd needs a sense of accomplishment. Providing them with tasks and challenges will not only help their mental state, they will have fun too!
Activities – Any activity that requires exercise combined with mental stimulation is great. Obedience training and herding are at the top of their priority list.
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