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Posted by: John Mattar Category: Dog Breed Facts

The following table covers the most common questions our customers have about the Airedale dog breed. If you have any suggestions for facts to include, leave us a comment or email us. Below you can upload a picture of your Airedale and leave some comments!

Airedale Dog Breed Facts

Origin – Yorkshire, England
Dog Group – Terrier
Height – 23 inches – 24 inches
Weight – 44 Pounds
Life Span – 11-12 Years
Eating Requirements – 1.5-2.5 cups of dry food twice a day
Coat Style – Smooth and short
Coat Colors – Black and tan colors are accepted
Grooming Required? – Yes, to keep their coat short, clean, and groomed regular grooming is necessary. Approximately every 2 months the coat should be trimmed and washed regularly.
Gait – Balanced Trot
Temperament – Outgoing, Friendly, Confident, Courageous
Exercise Needs – Ranks 100/100 for exercise requirements. 0 meaning no exercise is required. The Airedale being a terrier, has lots of energy. That energy needs to be used to avoid boredom and misbehavior.
Activities – Regular walks, backyard games with toys, fetch, any activity that makes them think and move is great for the Airedale.
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  • Ayokunnumi A. E Reply

    Wow! very apt by informative highlights of the Airedale.
    Also, I must admit what a great job you’re doing with this site. Well done!

    I’d like to add how the Airedale is the ideal definition of our canine buddies as assets. In time past and even as we speak, people benefit from the loyalty and versatility of this amazing four legged creature.

    For instance, it was one of the first breeds ever used by protective services for official purpose. During the world wars, it acted as couriers to army officers, well as aid to the red cross.

    Ever thought of dogs as anything other than liabilities?

    The Airedale will prove you wrong!


    Once again great job on this article and site as large.

    I look forward to more articles and information concerning our four-legged buddies.

    January 23, 2020 at 3:35 am

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