Airedale Dog Facts

The following table covers the most common questions our customers have about the Airedale dog breed. If you have any suggestions for facts to include, leave us a comment or email us. Below you can upload a picture of your Airedale and leave some comments!

Airedale Dog Breed Facts

Origin – Yorkshire, England
Dog Group – Terrier
Height – 23 inches – 24 inches
Weight – 44 Pounds
Life Span – 11-12 Years
Eating Requirements – 1.5-2.5 cups of dry food twice a day
Coat Style – Smooth and short
Coat Colors – Black and tan colors are accepted
Grooming Required? – Yes, to keep their coat short, clean, and groomed regular grooming is necessary. Approximately every 2 months the coat should be trimmed and washed regularly.
Gait – Balanced Trot
Temperament – Outgoing, Friendly, Confident, Courageous
Exercise Needs – Ranks 100/100 for exercise requirements. 0 meaning no exercise is required. The Airedale being a terrier, has lots of energy. That energy needs to be used to avoid boredom and misbehavior.
Activities – Regular walks, backyard games with toys, fetch, any activity that makes them think and move is great for the Airedale.
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