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The following table provides facts and information about the Alaskan Malamute dog breed. From Origin to eating habits and quantities, you will find all of the common and necessary facts about the Akita breed. Leave us as a comment with suggestions on other topics to cover and your thoughts!

Alaskan Malamute Dog Breed Facts

Origin – United States of America
Dog Group – Working Group
Height – 22 inches – 26 Inches Depending on Sex
Weight – 71-95 Pounds Depending on Sex
Life Span – 10-15 Years
Eating Requirements – There is a lot of variability in regards to how much to feed your Malamute. Some Malamutes can eat until they explode, while others eat smaller amounts. For this breed it is best to start slow and feel out what portions are best for your Malamute.
Coat Style – Thick Waterproof Double Coat
Coat Colors – Brown/White – Red/White – Sable/White – Seal/White – Gray/White – Black/White.
Grooming Required? – It is recommended to brush your Malamute daily. Some owners find a rake works well in cleaning the undercoat. Your Malamute should be groomed approximately every 6 weeks and regular baths are a necessity as well.
Gait – The Malamute breed is sturdy and strong but balanced and agile at the same time. Structure, strength, and balance best describe the Malamutes Gait.
Temperament – Malamute’s display varying levels of the following characteristics: friendly, devoted, loyal, playful, & affectionate.
Exercise Needs – Generally, they like at least two active activities per day. Maybe a walk in the morning and some fetch or active game in the backyard if possible.
Activities – Malamutes are working dogs, they need to do work! Along with regular walks, the Malamute will accomplish nearly any active game or task put in front of this breed. Many Malamute owners have said their Mats enjoy backpacking as well as pulling/sledding which the breed was originally created to do.
Akita Gifts – We hope this simple list of facts will help you and your Malamute enjoy a happy and long life! If you are looking for Alaskan Malamute gifts for you or another Malamute lover be sure to check out our Alaskan Malamute Gifts & Merchandise.

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