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The following table provides facts and information about the American Fox Hound dog breed. From Origin to eating habits and quantities, you will find all of the common and necessary facts about the American Fox Hound breed. Leave us as a comment with suggestions on other topics to cover and your thoughts!

American Fox Hound Dog Breed Facts

Origin – United States of America
Dog Group – Hound Group
Height – 21 inches – 25 Inches Depending (Standard Size)
Weight – 44-75 Pounds (Standard Size)
Life Span – 10-12 Years
Eating Requirements – There is always variability in feeding requirements from dog to dog as all dogs are unique. The American Fox Hound needs a balanced mixture of protein, lipids, vitamins, and minerals as well. According to many, the American Fox Hound needs anywhere from 30-40% of their diet to come from protein. The standard consumption amounts range from 2-3 cups of high quality dry food. You should not feed your Fox Hound dog food of lower quality that contains sugars and fats. It is usually recommended to split this amount into two separate meals.
Coat Style – Medium Coat
Coat Colors – Tan, White, Tri-Color, Blue, Red, White/Cream.
Grooming Required? – Very little grooming is required. They typically shed year round, but very little. It is recommended to brush their coat with a light to medium brush to keep their loose hair from ending up in the nooks and crannies of your home! Similarly to other dogs, you should check their ears, mouth, and coat weekly while checking/cutting their nails monthly. American Fox Hounds are clean and don’t smell bad very often. Bathe as needed, it is recommended monthly.
Gait – Free and Powerful
Temperament – Loving, Kind, Loyal, Sweet, Smart, Independant.
Exercise Needs – Walk daily along with at least one other active exercise daily.
Activities – Any activity that requires exercise is great Daily exercise is a must.
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