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Below you will find a table that gives an overview of the Akita dog breed. From Origin to eating habits and quantities, you will find all of the common and necessary facts about the Akita breed. Leave us as a comment with suggestions on other topics to cover and your thoughts!

Akita Dog Breed Facts

Origin – Japan
Dog Group – Working Group
Height – 26 inches – 27 inches
Weight – 99-100 Pounds
Life Span – 10-12 Years
Eating Requirements – 3 cups of dry food one to two times a day. Despite their size, most Akitas do not consume the amount of food you would think for their size.
Coat Style – Short Double Coat
Coat Colors – According to the AKC, the Akita has 9 color styles and 5 markings – Akita Colors & Markings.
Grooming Required? – Yes, Akitas shed twice a year. Their shedding lasts no more than a couple weeks. During their shedding, it is recommended to use a comb and rake to remove excess hair. Regular baths are a must and blow drying the coat is recommended as well.
Gait – The Akita’s gait is considered to be brisk and alert. For a full illustration of the Akita’s gait visit the following link: Akita Gait.
Temperament – Responsive, Courageous, Alert, Brisk, Friendly
Exercise Needs – Ranks 80/100 for exercise requirements. 0 meaning no exercise is required. The Akita belonging to the working group, has a reasonably high level of energy. The Akita unlike many dogs, does not always want to play. They prefer to exercise on their own time when they are good and ready to.
Activities – Regular walks are always recommended for all dogs. Being part of the working group, the Akita tends to require higher levels of exercise than the standard for dogs. Recommended exercise for the Akita is somewhat unknown. Akitas tend to exercise when they want to. An open yard with a closed in fence is ideal. Akitas love to pull, play toys, jump, run, go for walks, and explore nature.
Akita Gifts – Over the years Akitas have made a name for themselves. Most enthusiasts and dog fans recognize them as big cute bears. With the growth in popularity Akita gifts have flooded the market. If you are an Akita lover looking for gifts and decor, surf the web, you will find a variety of products.

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