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Posted by: Kim Mattar Category: News & Stories

Have you heard of the newest trend? Brides and bridesmaids holding puppies instead of flower bouquets! Just kidding, this isn’t the latest “trend” but it did happen. A bride, who has a passion for rescuing dogs, decided to forego the expensive flowers and use puppies instead. The bride, Sarah Mallouk Crain, and her 5 bridesmaids held puppies in her wedding photos. All of the puppies are up for adoption at the rescue and rehab center that the bride works for, Pitties Love Peace. The puppies are believed to be a Boxer/Coonhound mix.

The photographer, who has been shooting weddings since she was 14, is Caroline of Caroline Logan Photography. Just by perusing through Caroline’s website you can tell she was the PERFECT photographer to patiently capture a bunch of fun-loving, energetic puppies. She expresses a love for life, love, adventure, and fun: the recipe for a kind heart and soul that we know all dog lovers have!

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