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Have you ever tried training your dog by using bells? This method is referred to as bell training. The main goal of bell training is to get your dog to tell you when he or she has to go outside to relieve themselves.


We carry a line of training bells called PoochieBells. They are one of the original bell training companies and they have created an awesome product! According to PoochieBells, bell training is defined as a method of teaching one’s dog to ring a bell as a means of communicating, most commonly for communicating the dog’s need to “do their business.” The training success rate of their bells is amazing! Not only have they made an effective product, but an attractive product as well! There are so many dog products out there with tacky patterns and cheesy colors that just don’t match your home decor. PoochieBells come in several beautiful colors and patterns that will blend in with your home. Plus, they have adorable breed specific patterns to match your dog’s breed!

PoochieBells saw the importance of creating an attractive training product as well as a safe training product. Bells can be small, and therefore, hazardous for your dog. A new puppy would gladly munch on a bell if it were to get loose and fall off. PoochieBells created safe, custom bells which are securely attached to a safety ring, which is then attached to the hanger. The bells are sized to be safe for your dog. Plus, they are lead free!

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