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Are you someone who isn’t in to shopping?
Do you often feel uncreative when trying to think of a good gift?
Did you get sucked in to participating in a Secret Santa gift exchange at work?
We have gift guides to make holiday shopping easier for you!

First up we have a gift guide for your co-worker, particularly a dog loving co-worker.
Our TOP gift ideas for someone you work with are:

  1. A lanyard for their work, car, or home keys. Our lanyards are also great for hanging name tags and IDs.
  2. A tumbler to hold water, coffee, tea, or soda at work – everyone needs a pick-me-up on hand!
  3. An ornament for their Christmas tree and to think of you year after year.
  4. Cozy socks for the cold, wintery nights ahead.

Co Worker Dog Gift Ideas

Next up we have a gift guide for your in-laws. These are gifts to impress, which is an absolute necessity!
Our TOP gift ideas for your in-laws are:

  1. A made in America plaque of their dog to hang inside or outside their home.
  2. An outdoor welcome stake to greet guests by their front door.
  3. A beautiful, wooden planter for their garden or patio.
  4. An outdoor yard stake to remember a deceased family dog.

In Laws Dog Gift Ideas

Last up we have a gift guide for children. This gift guide can be used for your own kids but it’s particularly great for nieces, nephews, friend’s children, or children you’re donating Christmas presents to. They hit a variety of price points, age ranges, and genders.
Our TOP gifts for children are:

  1. Our canine companion dog toy set.
  2. A soft and cozy dog blanket.
  3. A glittery rhinestone decal, perfect for older kids with laptops, phones, or music devices.
  4. Our collectible dog toy figurines, perfect to play with or collect.

Kids Children Dog Gift Ideas

Sometimes shopping can be especially hard for the ones closest to you because you want to get them something you know they will love, something unique, something that’s useful. We have a few more gift guides to make holiday shopping easier for you!

Gift guides for your mom.
Our TOP gift ideas for mom are:

  1. An outdoor sign that can be customized to say welcome, a name, an address number… endless possibilities!
  2. A cozy mug paired with her favorite coffee, tea, cocoa, and more.
  3. A keepsake ornament she’ll treasure year after year.
  4. A wooden wine bottle rack stocked with her favorite wine.

Dog Gift Ideas for Mom 2017

Next up we have a gift guide for your dad.
Our TOP gift ideas for dad are:

  1. Wooden, made in America coasters for his bar or bar cart.
  2. A wood clock for his office.
  3. A pillow for his favorite spot on the couch.
  4. A cutting board for his spot in the kitchen.
  5. A humorous sign for his man cave.

Dog Gift Ideas for Dad

Last but not least is our gift guide for grandma.
Our TOP gift ideas for grandma are:

  1. A funny wind spinner for her yard.
  2. A cute set of notecards for letters to her friends.
  3. A cozy pillow for her rocker.
  4. A candle topper paired with her favorite candle.
  5. A leash hook to easily find her purse, keys, or dog’s leash when it’s time to walk the dog.

Dog Gift Ideas for Grandma

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