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For the last few weeks we have been covering all you need to know when going camping with your dog. So far, we have covered the following checklists: food, safety, and hiking. Our last checklist will cover everything you need for the actual camp site. This list will include food as an essential but since we already covered this in a previous blog post, we won’t be going into detail, you can read it here: Food & Water Checklist.

Camp Site Checklist with Dogs

This will probably be the easiest and shortest checklist! First, think of item’s that you are bringing for yourself, you will need those for your dog too.

  • Bed
  • Crate (or a tent for you)
  • Food
  • Towel
  • First Aid Kit

So of course, you will need somewhere to sleep, something to eat, and something to dry off with after bathing or swimming.

You can view our blog post about: all the essentials in our first aid kit.

Now here’s a few specific items just for your dog.

  • Toys
  • Poop Bags
  • Leash
  • A runner cable or leash stake
  • Something that helps soothe your dog from barking

Toys will help keep your dog entertained. Yes, you are in nature so let your dog’s pee fly free! Unfortunately, poop doesn’t get that same pleasantry. Bag it! No one wants to smell it or step in it! Some camping areas will allow you to screw a running cable into the trees on your camp site. Other campgrounds only allow you to hammer stakes into the ground. Either way, you will need a place to secure your dog so he stays within your camping area. Lastly, you know your dog best, so bring along whatever helps keep your dog calm. Barking may become an issue if thunderstorms arise, strangers walk by, or other dogs get your dog all excited. A non-stop barking dog may be an annoyance for nearby campers. Bring along something that will quiet and calm your dog.

That rounds up our camping checklist essentials! Be sure to check our past blog posts to read over all of our checklists. There are 4 all together which are linked below. We will be summarizing these 4 checklists into one big article for your convenience.

Food and Water Checklist Essentials When Camping with your Dog
First Aid & Safety Checklist Essentials When Camping with your Dog
Hiking Checklist Essentials When Camping with your Dog

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