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We know it’s important to save every dollar, especially when you’re buying for a lot of people during the holiday season. Buyers tend to spend the most money on impressive, big-ticket gifts. But, after all of your Christmas shopping is done, what is left? Stocking stuffers, of course! Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Stocking stuffers always get put last on the to-do list. But then we’re all running around last minute trying to grab a bunch of tiny, inexpensive items to fill up the stockings. Follow our list and don’t let that happen this year!

We’ve put together a list of adorable, and more importantly, affordable, stocking stuffers. Here’s our top 10 list of stocking stuffers all under $10. You can buy one of each or mix and match and before you know it you will have each stocking stuffed!

10 Dog Lover Stocking Stuffer Gifts for 2018

Socks $9.99
Why are socks so great? Because they are one-size-fits-all, and they’re comfy and cozy, especially for the winter!

Maltipoo Socks

Keychain $5.99
Why are keychains so great? Well, because mostly everybody has a set of keys! Whether it’s for your house, your car, your locker, or your office, you can put one of our keychains on any set of keys.


Bumper Sticker (or any type of sticker) $3.99
Stickers are fun because of their versatility! And bumper stickers are great because they are often humorous, and they often echo the sentiments of your gift recipient.

Rottweiler Sticker 4x4"

Hand Towel $9.99
Do you have hands? Then they need to be washed, and then dried, especially during cold season and that’s where towels come in! From the kitchen to the bathroom, they are versatile and useful.

Phone Decal (or any type of decal) $5.25
Phone decals, or car or laptop decals, are great because they add a bit of personalization to your belongings. We carry fun, sparkly rhinestone stickers, which are especially festive during the holidays.

Ornament $9.99
Ornaments have to be among the top Christmas gifts. Almost everybody has a tree so help them decorate it by gifting them an ornament. Plus, each ornament is a little memory that you can tuck away, and reminisce on each Christmas.

Luggage Tag $7.99
Luggage tags make an amazing stocking stuffer because many times people like to travel for the holidays. Winter vacations are especially popular. So why not give a luggage tag that can be used right away?!

Pomeranian Dog Luggage Tag Briefcase Gym Backpack Travel ID

Pen $4.50
From young to old, everybody has to write. Give a pen to a child in school, a young adult in college, an adult for work, or an elderly who loves crossword puzzles. It’ll be put to great use.

Golden Retriever Writing Pen Red

Notepad $8.99
In this day and age, when everyone is overstimulated, it’s easy to forget things. Gift a notepad to write down little reminders, a to-do list, or a note with some kind words.

Vizsla Dog Notepads To Do List Pad Pencil Gift Set

Magnet $2.50
Magnets are a sweet little add-on gift to help bulk up a stocking and add an easy smile.

Bernese Mountain Dog Car Magnet

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