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If you are like most of us then you probably get a ton of mail! Unfortunately, most mail includes boring bills, paperwork, and junk mail! But, who doesn’t love some happy mail!? Happy mail is mail or packages that arrive that you are happy to receive.

One of the most fun parts about shipping out orders to customers is the fact that we know they will be SO HAPPY to receive a package from us.
A daughter recently ordered a Corgi outdoor welcome sign from us for her mother. The sign was a surprise for her mother. At checkout, the daughter entered the mother’s shipping address so we could ship the welcome sign directly to her mom. A few days later the mom contacted us asking about her order information as she didn’t remember placing an order for the lovely dog welcome sign that had arrived. We were happy to share the news that it was a gift from her daughter. This woman was SO excited for a few reasons. For one, she was overjoyed to receive such a beautiful sign displaying the love she has for her Corgis. Second, she was delighted that her daughter thought of her and decided to surprise her with such a thoughtful gift. It’s always nice to receive a gift in the mail and to know that someone is thinking of you. It’s especially great to receive a gift that you absolutely adore!

Below you can see a photo that the customer sent to us with her two dogs in the foreground and her new Corgi welcome sign in the background. She had such a lovely idea to place the welcome sign in a planter because she doesn’t have much of a front yard to display the sign.
Her two Corgis are named Ryder and Janie and this photo was shared on the mom’s instagram account: corgi.castle.

Corgi Welcome Sign

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