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Posted by: Kimberly Mattar Category: News & Stories Post Date: December 20, 2016

Matching Pitbull Keychain and Customer’s Dogs

We absolutely love a “meant for me” moment! Check out the side by side images below. On the left is a picture of our Pitbull Wooden Key Chain Ring and on the right is a picture of one of our customer’s adorable Pitbulls.



Isn’t this remarkable? It’s like this key chain was meant for her! The brown Pitbull on the left is named Brookie and the black and white Pitbull on the right is named Star. Our customer said her two Pitties are an affectionate duo, as displayed in the photo she sent us.

You can buy the keychain for yourself at the link above or you can buy any of our other 70+ wooden dog breed key rings here:Wooden Dog Keychains

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