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DogLoverStore is now offering an affiliate program! Our affiliate program is great for anybody who loves dogs and wants to make some extra earnings.

This is how our affiliate program works:

  1. Go to our affiliate signup area on our website.
  2. Sign up to become an affiliate by entering in your user information. This will include a username, password, an email address where we can send pay outs, and the locations where you will be promoting our products and/or business.

    Please note: We will not accept affiliate sign ups for websites that are not related to dogs! We are looking to work with websites that can add value to the customer experience.

  3. Once we approve your application, you can log in to your affiliate dashboard and start creating affiliate links.

Affiliate Program

How do these links work?

You can select any page from our website, copy the URL, and then enter it into the affiliate link generator. The new link that is created will be connected to your affiliate account. You can then share that link with your followers. If any one of your followers clicks that link, goes shopping on our website, and then ultimately makes a purchase (within 30 days), you then get 15% of that sale! It’s a thank you for finding us new dog loving customers!

Customers who click one of your affiliate links must make a purchase within 30 days in order for you to receive credit for their purchase. This 30 day period is referred to as “link retention”. Some companies only offer a 2 day link retention, which means people have to make a purchase from your link within 2 days. We think that doesn’t give customers very much time to make a purchase, and therefore doesn’t give our affiliates the credit they deserve. That’s why we give 30 days!

Affiliates are welcome to share our affiliate links on their websites and social media pages. If you think you have followers that will enjoy the products we have available on our website, then feel free to share.

Great for Non Profit Organizations

Affiliate programs are great for non-profit organizations. Often times, organizations, such as rescues, need a way to raise funds. The great thing about rescues and non-profits is that they usually have a ton of followers and supporters because of the great work they are doing. These organizations can leverage funds by sharing our products with all of their followers. Affiliate links can bring in money that will help support their non-profit group.

Here’s an example:

Let’s say we are working with a Yorkie rescue with a lot of followers on their social media pages. They can sign up with us and create affiliate links to our Yorkie products (we have a ton!). They can then share these links with their Yorkie loving group. Through these links, they can share any product that they like and they know their followers will also like. If they share that link, their followers click it, and they ultimately buy something on our website, then the affiliate will receive 15% of that purchase.

Try to utilize products and services on our site as value added content for your visitors. This will not only add value to your site, but also provide your users with value added content that will make a better experience.

How do you receive pay outs?

When you sign up, you enter an email that we can send payments to through PayPal. You can track your payments and the money you have made through your affiliate dashboard. We send payments out once per month.

Sign up today to start earning money for yourself or for your organization. You’ll be sharing products that are all about dogs, what’s not to love!?

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