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One of our favorite pups just celebrated his birthday! Sir Ferguson is the most loving, playful, intelligent miniature Labradoodle we’ve ever met! We absolutely love him. March 23rd was his birthday and he deserves a full-on celebration, which includes festive birthday hats, tons of fun with fellow puppy friends, and yummy birthday treats…and that’s exactly what he got!

Ice Cream for Dog's Birthday

Throwing a dog a birthday party may seem like a huge task, but it’s actually quite easy! One of the best things about our furry friends is that they will love you no matter what kind of birthday party you throw them. If you have friends with dogs, have them come over to share in the birthday festivities. Better yet, if you have multiple dogs or pets in your home, have them join the party and stick a birthday hat on their head. You can find these cute birthday hats at most dollar stores. As for the birthday treat, you can make this easy, healthy, and yummy pumpkin ice cream. There’s minimal ingredients and only a few steps. Here’s how:

Pumpkin Dog Ice Cream Recipe

When you serve the ice cream, top them with a doggy treat, sing happy birthday, and you’ve reached birthday party success!

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