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We love being active in our social media communities. Whether it be Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, we are constantly browsing fellow dog lover photos, liking funny dog videos, and sharing our favorite doggy profiles. Since it is the season of Halloween, we put together a list of our 13 most favorite dog Halloween costumes we have stumbled upon in our social media communities. We like the classic costumes, like the “hot dog” and the pumpkin, but we love when dog lovers get creative and clever! Funny costumes, silly costumes, and ironic costumes are amongst our favorites!

  1. Football Player Dog…because Halloween is during football season!
  2. Duck Dynasty Dog…because who doesn’t love a dude in camo!?
    Instagram’s ted.e.doodle
  3. Olaf and Elsa…anytime a princess is involved you can count us in!
    Instagram’s dogvacay
  4. Pilot Dogs…they just look too cool.
    Instagram’s aswingerofbirches
  5. Banana Dog…a better twist on the hot dog.
    Instagram’s westie_brothers_
  6. Fuzzy Caterpillar Dog…a dog as a cute, happy insect, hehe!
    Instagram’s eclaireisabear
  7. Penguin Dog…waddle waddle.
    Instagram’s pippinbearbug
  8. Squirrel Dog…the irony.
    Instagram’s peanutgrrl
  9. Cat Dog…again, the irony.
    Instagram’s nottabearnewfoundlands
  10. Elf Dog…who doesn’t love Christmas in October?
    Instagram’s lovemyfindsau
  11. Marilyn Monroe…hey Mr. President 😉
    Instagram’s brettbauertv
  12. Dinosaur…the caveman’s dog.
    Instagram’s pippinbearbug
  13. Greyhound as as Greyhound Bus…Genius!
    Instagram’s amos_famos

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