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Posted by: Kim Mattar Category: News & Stories

Meet Lila!! She is our newest dog friend on Instagram!

Our Friend Lila!

Lila Instagram Dog

We make new friends every week on instagram. You can follow us @dogloverstore and become our friend too! We love meeting new people and their pups.
We met Lila after she participated in one of our giveaways. We hold giveaways almost every week on Instagram. We usually ask our followers and giveaway participants some sort of fun and silly dog-lover question. Nothing too serious so everyone can participate and have a chance to win. Some questions we ask are: when’s your dog’s birthday and what’s your favorite dog themed movie?

Lila won an air freshener. Yum, yum and it smells delish! Prizes vary so our followers like to play week after week.
Not on Instagram? Don’t worry! We’re hoping to start some giveaways on Facebook too!

Unfortunately we have not opened our giveaway to international followers yet, only U.S. residents. But we’re planning something fun that will hopefully allow ALL dog lovers to participate.

Follow us on instagram @dogloverstore and keep an eye out for our next giveaway if you’d like to play along. It’s always a good time!!

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