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Last week we covered all the first aid and safety essentials you should have when you are camping with your dog. This week we are going to cover all the hiking essentials you should have on your checklist.

Hiking with Dogs Checklist

Going for a hike can be very similar to going on a long walk with your dog, depending on your hiking intensity. You will want to have all the essentials you normally bring along for your dog on a walk. Some of these items include:

  • A collar
  • A harness
  • A leash
  • Poop bags
  • ID Tag
  • A safety light

All of these items sound pretty routine, right? Well since you are going hiking you will need a few extra items to make sure everyone is safe and sound on your trails.

Be sure to bring all the important items on your own checklist, which will then ensure a safer hiking trip for your dog too. For example, a map, or some form of navigation, will make sure you don’t get lost. Being out on the trails for too long can push everyone over the edge if their stamina is running low. Another example would be a flashlight, which would help you guide the way if you end up on the trails after dusk.

Here are some extra specific items you should put on your checklist if you are bringing your dog along:

  • Doggy First Aid Kit
  • Clean Water
  • Dog Snacks
  • A cooling bed or bandanna
  • A sound maker to deter unwanted animal encounters

You can check out our previous blog post to see all the items we think are important to include in your dog’s first aid kit in the link above.
Clean water and snacks will be important in case you end up on the trails longer than expected. A cooling bed or bandanna will help combat heat exhaustion if you were to experience an unexpected weather change. A sound maker, like a bell or a horn, will help scare away coyotes or bears.

By checking out a map before your trip you will be able to better plan the items you need to bring along. For example, if you see a trail where you may have to cross over water, you may want to bring along a life vest or some sort of emergency rescue buoy. As always, know your dog’s limits. Just because you feel up to do a certain hike or trail, doesn’t mean your dog will have the same energy or strength to do it too.

This covers all of the essentials on the hiking checklist. You can now read our next blog which covers all the essentials on the campsite checklist!

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