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Lickity split! Meet the dog with the longest tongue! That’s right, she holds the new record for the world’s longest dog tongue. What was the previous record you may ask? And what is the new world record? Let us break it down for you.

The previous world record for the longest dog tongue was a whopping 17 inches!! Now, we must note, that these records must go to a dog who is currently alive. The 17 inch record goes to a Boxer named Brandy who passed away in 2002. We don’t think that record will ever be broken!

The new record (for a living dog) is 7.31 inches long. On the Today Show, Hoda and Kathy Lee showed how the length of the dog’s tongue is estimated to be about 2.5 jenga pieces in a row. Wow! That helps put the impressive length in perspective. The record for Brandy the Boxer would equal to almost 6 jenga pieces!

The new pup to hold this record is a Saint Bernard, which makes sense because this is a very large dog breed. We don’t think a smaller breed, like a Pomeranian or a Maltese, could ever hold this record. The St. Bernard, named Mochi or “Mo” for short, lives in South Dakota. Mo was adopted by her owner who says she is a very happy dog with a “big personality.”

Mo will be officially entered into the Guinness World records and will be featured in the Guinness World Records: Amazing Animals book.

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