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Martha the Neopolitan Mastiff won the 2017 ugliest dog contest. But, we have to say she is a beauty compared to previous year’s winners. In fact, she is quite adorable. Who did the voting and why have this “award”? All dogs are beautiful! Maybe her red eyes and floppy drooley mouth made her the top runner!

She weighs 125 pounds and has a beautiful blue-ish gray coat, a signature of the Neopolitan Mastiff.

Martha was a rescue. She was nearly blind at the time she was rescued and was suffering from chronic pain. She had an eye infection that was neglected and led her to being almost completely blind. Since being rescued, she has had surgery and has regained her eyesight.

Since being brought back to health, Martha has been adopted into a loving home. Her owner says she LOVES to sleep!! She is such a heavy sleeper that her loud snore prevents her from being allowed to sleep in the same bedroom as her owners….zZzZzZz

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