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The Swiss Saint Bernard originated in The Hospice du Grand St Bernard, located in the Alps of Switzerland. The beginnings of the St Bernard consisted of being a rescue dog. They were sent out to the mountains to rescue people trapped in the snow. It is said that within the first 10 years of existence, the breed rescued over 40 people. By 1870 the Saint Bernard made it to the USA. Overtime, the breed's gentle touch morphed this breed into a companion dog. Their temperament is friendly, gentle, and calm. Despite their short life span, every year spent with them is worth a lifetime. You've found our St Bernard gifts and merchandise collection, have a look around our shop. Our collectibles include our best selling and most popular products. Be sure to visit our kitchen gifts, hand made gifts, & items that include St. Saint Bernard figurines/statues, socks, ornaments, and more!

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