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Have you ever pondered why dogs are so cool? Seriously, sat down with a notepad/pen, thought deeply about your relationship with your dog and took notes? If you decide to try this or have done this before you will find that your pen may run out of ink before you run out of ideas! There are so many wonderful things that a dog brings to a human’s life. Don’t you think it should be mandatory to own a dog :-p ? To kick off the summer, we will be sharing a list of wonderful traits and characteristics a dog possesses to shine their light on your life.

Why are Dogs so Awesome?

  1. Dogs provide a sense of purpose in a positive light.
  2. They teach you what unconditional love is when treated with respect.
  3. Dogs increase our mental and physical health such as reducing blood pressure.
  4. Their interests are not who’s at the bar or how much money the neighbor makes, their interests include you and only you.
  5. If they could, they would do anything for you.
  6. They are always happy and lack mood swings.
  7. They can sense when their owner(s) will be coming home and typically wait at the door or on top of the couch in excitement day after day.
  8. They don’t spend your money, you choose to spend it on them – there is a difference :-p.
  9. They save lives
  10. They can be trained to do almost anything with the proper training.
  11. They are incredibly goofy and make people laugh.
  12. They want to do whatever you want to do.
  13. They like all genres of music and TV shows.
  14. You are always missed by your dog, they don’t get sick of you.
  15. They’re free from judgement.
  16. They teach us that tangible assets/money don’t instill happiness.
  17. They sense sadness and cheer you up.
  18. Dogs teach us that anything is possible – that anyone and anything can become something more if you provide adequate attention and care.
  19. They teach us to be free and break away from routine.
  20. They teach us that it is not about the amount of time spent, but the quality of the time spent that creates a true relationship and friendship.
  21. Dogs are full of gratitude – they already know that a simple life can mean a happy life!

Well, that took no time at all, I told you! I could continue on and on but for the sake of creativity, I recommend you now sit down and write a bit about your dog. It will not only bring you closer to your dog, but it will make you appreciate their presence even more than you already do! We would love to hear why you think dogs are so awesome in the comments section!

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