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Does your dog give you gifts? Well, a recent photo of Oprah’s dogs got us thinking…

Gifts Dogs Give Us

It was Oprah’s birthday and she has a whole pack of fur children. Every year on her birthday her long time “manfriend” hand writes notes from each one of her dogs and presents them along with beautiful flowers. The notes include little milestones and memories that happened throughout the year.

We began with the question, “does your dog give you gifts?” Well, I think we can all agree that just the presence of our beloved four legged friends is a gift in itself. It’s all the smiles, laughs, and love that our dogs bestow on our lives each and every day that are so invaluable. A wag of a tail just by making eye connection or a cuddle on the couch after you’ve had a long day. These are daily “gifts” that our dogs give to us. Gifts that have no monetary value, they are priceless. But, I think we can all agree, the idea of your dog writing a note to you or gifting you flowers on your birthday is super cute and melts your heart a little bit!

We buy little gifts for our dogs all year long – new treats one week, a new toy the next week. But the real gift is the connection we have with our dogs all year long. Go ahead and tell us, what gifts do your dog(s) give you?!

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