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Poochie Bells are training bells that teach your dog to tell you when they have to go outside to use the bathroom. Your dog rings the bells with their paw, you hear the bells, and then you know to let them outside. It sounds like a great concept, right? No more accidents in the house. But, how does the training work?
According to the creators of Poochie Bells, the training process is based on the psychological conditioning of your dog. This conditioning follows the research and discovery by Ivan Pavlov. Ivan Pavloc was a Russian physiologist who saw a pattern in dogs and discovered “classical conditioning”. This conditioning states: a learning process that occurs when two stimuli are repeatedly paired; a response that is at first elicited by the second stimulus is eventually elicited by the first stimulus alone. In the situation of the Poochie Bells you would pair ringing the bells with going outside. You can also pair ringing the bells with going outside to the bathroom and then rewarding your dog with a treat. Make sure you only pair a successful potty break with a treat or else your dog will think that just because they go outside they get a treat. Or, just because they ring the bell they get a treat. They are only rewarded when they use the bathroom outside.


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Poochie Bells

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