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All You Need is Love Dog Signs

In the current state of the nation, we are facing a lot of divide because of political and personal views. People are disagreeing, arguing, and spending time and energy being disgusted with the words and actions of others. We can’t seem to agree on anything. But there’s one thing that most of us can agree on, and that’s our love for dogs! At the end of the day, no matter how disappointing or difficult it may have been, we know we will always have our dog’s love. I think we can all agree that that’s a beautiful thing. Dogs have this way of giving us endless love and comfort and that makes our days and lives feel so abundant and blessed. Do you ever stop and look at your dog and think, “how did I get so lucky?” We know we do! Their lives make our lives better.

We are Lucky to Have Dogs

To capture this sentiment, we’ve gathered a few of our favorite doggy quotes below. These sayings are well known for a reason – because they have been, and always will be, the truth!

“All You Need is Love and a Dog”

This one is a personal favorite of ours. As the saying goes: love makes the world go round. We, and everything in the universe, are made of love. So, YES we need love! This quote places dogs right alongside the importance of love. And let’s face the facts, love and dogs go hand in hand. Dogs = Love.

“Beware, Dogs Will Steal Your Heart”

This quote is a playful spin on a common, unfortunate misconception. Even though the majority of people LOVE dogs, there are also so many people who are scared of dogs, especially large and strong dogs. “Beware” is meant to be a sarcastic warning about dogs, making the reader think they may get hurt by the dog. But really, the warning is to say that dogs will “steal” your heart because you will fall in love with them.

“Happiness is a Doggy Smile”

Have you ever started laughing because of someone else’s laugh? Have you ever felt an instant boost in happiness just because someone entered the room? How about smiling at the sight of someone else’s smile? That’s what this quote is all about! A dog smile, or even their presence, instantly makes your heart happy. After a long day at work, there’s nothing like being greeted by your dog, his wagging tail, and his goofy, smiley grin when you walk in the door. Instant joy!

Dog Sign on Wall

All three of these quotes can be found throughout our collection of dog lover signs featuring the artwork of Dean Russo. These have become a favorite for our customers because of the beautiful, bright artwork, the accurate depiction of the breed, and the quotes. Shop all of our all you need is love dog signs.

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