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Posted by: Kim Mattar Category: News & Stories

Our medium and mini sized dog figurines are so multi-use! Some customers place the figurines on memorials and some place them on top of cakes. One of the most common ways our figurines are used is for model craft projects. We’ve had our mini figurines used on a birdhouse modeled after a country singer’s home. Our customer, who is a fan of this country singer, made it for the singer before she went to his concert and meet and greet. The singer had a Bloodhound so she put a little Bloodhound mini figurine on the front lawn of the birdhouse behind the picket fence. Another customer was a big fan of the Sherlock Holmes character so he made a model scene of Sherlock Holmes with his sidekick Bloodhound named Toby. Below you can view an image of the scene our customer created.


Our medium and mini sized figurines are both useful depending on the size of your craft project. Let’s get creative!

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