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We love nothing nothing more than when customers send us photos of unique displays or projects that they have done with a product they’ve purchased from us. Every customer has a different style and events that take place in their life. These experiences create one of a kind ways to use our products.

Boxer Memorial

The most recent customer photo submission we received was of a beautiful mantle memorial. The customer’s boxers passed away, who she absolutely loved and adored. She wanted to create an area in her home where she could remember and honor her Boxers. Below, you can see the photo she sent to us. It shows a couple photos, one of each dog. The mantle also displays a memorial candle for each dog, a dog themed quote, their collars, and a couple boxer figurines. The gold figurine on the left is a vintage piece and the figurine in the middle is one that we custom painted to look like the dog in the right photo.

We are currently painting a second figurine to look like the dog in the left photo. The collars and the figurines are the two most touching pieces of the memorial, don’t you think?! The customer also hopes to add a couple memorial boxes with the ashes of her dogs.

Boxer Memorial

Memorials Recreate Special Memories

What’s most special about memorials is the freedom that you have to fully create them in a way that will honor your dog. You have all of their memories. You know what they liked, what they wore, and, most importantly, how they made you feel. With a memorial, you are able to add pieces, like photos and figurines, that fully express that love.

Custom Painted Figurines at DogLoverStore

If you’d like a custom painted figurine of your dog, click the link to learn more! Find your dog’s breed and the figurine that looks most like him or her. Next, all you’ll have to do is upload photos and you’ll be on your way to a custom painted figurine that looks just like your dog.

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