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We aren’t completely sure how the world’s ugliest dog contest started, but year after year it rolls around and dogs are deemed The Ugliest. The contest is said to have started in the 1970s and it has been held for about 30 years. Now before you get upset and say, “No dog is ugly!!” We agree with you! But this contest is actually intended for dog lovers. The original purpose was to bring awareness to pet adoption and puppy mills. “Ugly” dogs are love-able too and every dog deserves to be brought into a forever home. After the contest, a dog lover celebration is held. The contest is held every year in Petaluma California at the Sonona-Marin Fair. The dogs and their humans win the title of world’s ugliest dog, as well as a trophy, a trip to New York and a $1,500 check.

The 2018 World’s Ugliest Dog title goes to an English Bulldog named Zsa Zsa, who went up against 13 other “ugly” dogs. She is 9 years old and comes from Minnesota. Her human, Megan, adopted Zsa Zsa after she was rescued from a puppy mill by a rescue group. Zsa Zsa spent 5 years in the puppy mill before she was rescued! Why didn’t anybody want Zsa Zsa? Maybe it was her crazy teeth, her enormous amount of drool, or her long tongue that is permanently hanging out the side of her mouth. But, look who is laughing now: Zsa Zsa! $1,500 richer.

If you wish to see last year’s winner, check out our world’s ugliest dog of 2017 blog post.

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