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Amazon is a marketplace known for their enormous offering of products and services. Available products range from electronics, to e-books, to the Kindle, to home decor. Their services are unmatched when compared to any other online marketplace. Services like Amazon Prime, fulfillment by Amazon, and S3 storage to name a few, drastically set Amazon apart from other online marketplaces. They rank top 3 for websites in the United States only below Facebook and Google. Everyone at DogLoverStore has always known it is a marketplace we needed to be on to stay relevant in the world of e-commerce. Their tech support has been nothing but helpful and so far our experience with them has been nothing but stellar.

With much work meeting Amazon’s requirements to sell on their marketplace, we have finally made it happen. We will be offering the majority of our gifts on Amazon’s marketplace including our popular figurines, ornaments, outdoor decor, socks, keychains, and more! You can view our Amazon store here: Dog Lover Store on Amazon. We felt this was an important thing to do not only for our business but for our customers as well. Many customers prefer to order from a marketplace like eBay or Amazon. They like having all of their information, orders, and buying history in one location. Our customers have told us it makes it easier on them. If they like a product they purchased and want to order another one, they can view their history and re-order. We understand that. While our website does offer account management with history of orders and account information, we can only offer purchase history on products we sell on our website. On Amazon, if you purchase a TV, as well as a dog sign, both products from different vendors will appear in your history on Amazon. We have taken the time to integrate Amazon into our system, and are beyond satisfied with the outcome. After many requests from customers asking us to offer our selection of gifts on Amazon, we can finally say it has happened! We hope we have been able to satisfy our customers requests and would love to hear your thoughts.

We soon will also be offering Amazon Payments on our website. During checkout, you will be able to pay with a credit card, Paypal, or Amazon Payments. To use Amazon Payments, all you need to do is enter your Amazon email and password. Our system will then charge your Amazon account and store your order with us on your Amazon account. This will be useful for customers that would like to purchase through our site, but keep all their order history on Amazon in one central location.

If you have any thoughts, suggestions, or comments, please leave a comment, email us, or give us a call, 508-728-6156.

Thank you from Dog Lover Store!

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