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Have you ever heard of Fences for Fido? Well we’d love to introduce you to them! We are not associated with them in any way so don’t think this is a paid blog just to advertise for them! We came across their story and thought it was such a cool concept so we wanted to share their story with you.

Fences for Fido is a non-profit organization based out of Oregon. They are 100% operated by volunteers. Their name pretty much says it all – they build fences for dogs. They help out families by means of making their dogs happier! Unfortunately, many dog owners don’t have the money to build large kennels or install fences to close in their back yards. This means that while their owners are away at work these dogs are stuck inside all day or leashed up. Many neighborhoods are not dog-friendly, meaning you can’t just let your dog run out the door to do his thing and then let him back in. Not everyone in the world is a dog lover (say what!?) and most people don’t like seeing your dog’s business on their lawn. In addition, many neighborhoods have a lot of through traffic, making it dangerous for your dog to be anywhere near the street. Many dogs don’t get to see the outdoors unless they are on a leash. But who wants to be leashed all the time? Or worse, leashed outside in the sweltering sun on a summer day. We hope, at the very least, these dogs are in a shaded area. A fenced in yard is really the best way to ensure your dog’s health, safety, and freedom while outside.

If you check out Fences for Fido’s website ( you can see a list of all the upcoming events they have scheduled to fence in yards for dogs. Their motto is: “un-chained…one dog at a time.” They also provide “a free fence, insulated dog house, bed, & spay/ne​uter if needed.” Now that’s going above and beyond! If you wish to contribute to their cause you can make a donation or check out their “wish list” on amazon here: Fences for Fido

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