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Dog Quote Honest Souls


  1. “Dogs don’t lie. A dog’s tail is a strikingly honest window to their souls.”
    Jim Hillibish
  2. There’s so much truth to this quote. Dogs are honest. They have integrity and don’t hide their feelings to satisfy anyone else. Games and dishonesty are never on a dog’s agenda. That is, of course, unless it involves throwing a ball. Their tails reveal their feelings and they aren’t afraid to show it. A wagging tail is a happy dog. A low, rigid, or cowering tail is a dog with a message to be heard.


  3. “Some people will never understand how much someone can love a dog. But that’s okay, the dog understands.”
  4. True love lies within two souls. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks or knows about the relationship. The judgement or misunderstanding of outsiders doesn’t change the love you have. Ultimately, as long as your dog knows how much you love him or her, that’s all that matters.


  5. “Watching a dog be a dog, brings so much happiness and joy.”
  6. Why is it that we can just simply watch a dog be a dog all day long, and it brings us so much joy? We see their pure souls and their contentment. Their joy and playfulness is inspiring. This is just who they are. They are free and living life for themselves. They don’t know any other way to be. We believe it’s the freedom that we all find so mesmerizing and remarkable.


  7. “Be the person your dog believes you are.”
  8. A familiar quote for sure, but it’ll forever be a valid point. Your dog loves you no matter what. They don’t care what you look like or if you said the wrong thing. They aren’t bothered if you did something embarrassing, forgot someone’s birthday, or gained a few pounds. Despite any failures or faults, they think the best of you. If everyone started to live our lives with such self love, integrity, and compassion for others, we’d all be better for it.


  9. “If the kindest souls were rewarded with the longest lives, dogs would outlive us all.”
  10. We can all agree dogs are the sweetest, most understanding, and least judgmental souls on earth. Although dogs can sense negative people, they don’t bully, ridicule, or judge them. They simply choose not to interact with them and carry on with their day. They don’t let others have a negative impact on their actions. We’d like to think dogs bring out the kindness in us. We have a lot to learn from dogs.

Do you have a favorite quote about dogs? There are endless wonderful things we could say about our four legged friends but sometimes certain words really hit home. Check out our blog on Why Dogs are So Awesome. Like we said, we could think of limitless reasons why we love dogs (often times more than people) but we covered a list of 21. Comment your #1 reason why you think dogs are so awesome.

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