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Dog breeds must first be entered into the AKC’s miscellaneous class before being officially recognized and designated into a specific group. New dog breeds stay in the miscellaneous class for approximately 1 to 3 years. During these years, the AKC contacts the National Breed Club for this breed. The club’s responsibility is to maintain healthy breeding, have the breed compete and enter events, and record how many dogs and litters were born during this period. This allows the AKC to track the breed’s progress and popularity.

We recently updated the list of officially recognized American Kennel Club dog breeds. There are a lot more breeds than you would think! We are in the industry so you would think we would know every dog breed out there, but that isn’t the case! Every time we visit the AKC’s site to view the latest dog breeds, we are shocked by all the new names we see. They all have unique names, different bloodlines, and different appearances! From time to time there will be a miniature or giant version of an existing breed, like the miniature or giant Schnauzer. But according to the AKC and the guidelines they follow, if the breed is entered into one of their groups then they qualify as their own unique breed. Take a look and see the complete list of the American Kennel Club’s recognized breeds here: Recognized AKC Dog Groups. Some of the newest breeds include the Sloughi (2016), the American Hairless Terrier (2016), the Berger Picard (2015), the Miniature American Shepherd (2015), and the Lagotto Romagnolo (2015).

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