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Posted by: Kim Mattar Category: News & Stories

Is Second Hand Smoke Bad for Pets?

We recently asked our social media followers if they thought second hand smoke applied to humans, as well as pets. Survey says…yes! Some of the responses were “for sure” and “100 percent”. The original question came to us as we were driving by a beautiful farm in the early morning hours. The sun was shining and the grass was a bright green. It was a beautiful morning. Then we saw a horse being brushed out by its owner, which we thought, “ah, how serene.” But then, we saw a cloud of smoke surround the horse’s head and we realized the owner was smoking a cigarette as she was brushing out the horse.

second-hand-smoke-and-pets-largeWe aren’t fans of cigarette smoking to begin with, but as soon as we saw that smoke, all the happy thoughts of the beautiful morning escaped us. All we could think about was the horse and what could have been going through his/her mind – or what was going into his/her lungs!

Pets can get cancer just like humans can. We’re sure you have heard of a pet having cancer or had direct experience with a pet having cancer. We can’t change the action of others but let’s all be mindful of the pets in our lives. They are living, breathing beings. They should be treated with the same respect as any family member in your household – because pets are family too!

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