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We absolutely love receiving customer photos! They will share photos of their dogs, as well as pictures of them enjoying their purchase. Some of our most favorite photos are the ones we receive from customers sharing a special day – like their wedding day!

Customers love to find ways to incorporate their dogs (and cats) into their wedding day. Some choose to have their dog walk down the aisle as a “ring bearer”. Others choose to have their dog dress up and join them in their wedding photos. Our customers like to have their dogs featured on top of their wedding cake!
That’s right, ON their wedding cake! We offer figurines that can be custom painted to look like our customer’s dogs. They are the perfect size for the top of a wedding cake. Customers send us photos of their dogs and then we custom paint our figurines to match the photos of their dog. We even have cat figurines available for our customers who are both dog lovers and cat lovers. We offer cats because many times, customers will have both a dog and a cat that they love and they want to include on their wedding day.

We always recommend to put the figurine on top of a base or a piece of parchment paper to separate the figurine from the icing on the cake. This will help maintain the integrity of the figurine for the future, as well as preventing contact between the icing and the figurine. The paint we use is not food grade safe.

Below you can view a customer photo who used two of our custom painted figurines on her wedding cake. A Doberman Pinscher figurine and a gray tabby cat figurine. Isn’t it adorable!? She was able to include both of her fur babies on her wedding day. The figurines were custom painted based off photos she emailed to us.

Some of our customers choose to just purchase our figurine “as is” and use them on their cakes without having them custom painted. This works when customers have dogs that look similar to our standard figurines. For example, American Eskimos and Weimaraners typically don’t have much coat and color variation. Breeds like this don’t need to be custom painted because they already look similar enough to our customer’s dogs.
Check out all of our figurines that can be custom painted.

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