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Easter Basket Ideas for Dog Lovers

Step out of the “basket” this year and create a themed Easter basket for the ones you love! Year after year, I’m sure you are used to filling Easter baskets with the same type of little gifts. Candy, lip balm, gum, and toys like bouncy balls are among the most popular Easter basket fillers. But this year, why don’t you put together an Easter basket that has a theme and make it extra special.
If you have a dog lover in your life, we have all of the fillings you will need to create the perfect dog themed Easter basket. Not only do we have a huge offering of dog themed gifts, they also have amazing, affordable price points which won’t put a huge dent in your wallet. We also have an enormous offering of breeds, to meet every dog lover’s needs. Plus, our gifts cover ages from young to old. Who’s to say kids are the only ones who can receive Easter baskets? You can create an adult themed Easter basket too. When you think about it, Easter baskets are just a collection of small gifts you know someone will love that are then placed inside of a basket instead of a gift bag. Who wouldn’t like to receive that?
Mix and match any or all of the Easter basket gifts that we have listed below. Place them in an Easter basket or bag with some gift basket grass and you’re good to go. We like to make gift-giving easy! On Easter, there is a million other things to do including cooking, baking, attending church, and hiding Easter eggs. The blessings of little Easter gifts should be the last thing to worry about on your to-do list.

Easter Basket Ideas for Dog Lovers

Our top 3 favorite gifts on our list are:

1. Our socks because they fit everybody!
2. Our lanyards because of their high quality.
3. Our zippered bags because of their multi-use functionality.

Our top 3 favorite gifts for a child’s Easter basket are:

1. Our electronic barking dogs because of how fun they are.
2. Our bean bag stuffed animals because they are soft and fluffy.
3. Our pens because they come with a collectible dog figurine on top.

Our top 3 favorite gifts that are great for any age are:

1. Our key covers because they are great for any one with a key and they’re cute.
2. Our wooden keychains because of their adorable artwork.
3. Our tumblers because everyone can use a drink – water or wine!

Get creative this year and put together an Easter basket that is different and special. Whether it be for a party or a gift, a theme always adds a unique touch. It shows that little extra bit of attention to detail when you put together a collection of gifts that are specifically themed towards something your loved one enjoys.

Be sure to check out our second Easter basket gift ideas guide as well.

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