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It’s June and that means it’s time to kick off all those warm weather vacations and weekend trips. One of the most popular weekend trips to take is camping. If you’re like us, then you will feel bad leaving your dog behind. And really, you should! Camping is the PERFECT time, and perhaps the ONLY time, you are able to take your dog on vacation with you. As long as you have all of the essentials on this checklist, you should have an easy and enjoyable camping trip with the entire family. In our next series of blog posts we will cover each section on our checklist. The checklist will cover food and water, first aid and safety, hiking and activities, and campsite essentials.

Food and Water Checklist

The first checklist will cover all the FOOD and WATER essentials. This includes:

  • Dog Food
  • A Supply of Fresh Water
  • Treats
  • Travel Bowls
  • Water Dispenser
  • An Animal Proof Container for Dog Food and Treats

Make sure you lock up your dog’s food just as you would with your food so bears and squirrels don’t come sniffing.
Although your dog may go drinking from a nearby creek, you want to make sure you have fresh, clean water that you know is safe for your dog.
A water dispenser versus a bowl will ensure the water stays clean and free of bugs and leaves.

Treats should be used for both obedience rewards as well as for entertainment. You will want to reward your dog with a treat if you are trying to keep him out of someone else’s campsite. You will also want to keep your dog busy with a delicious chewy bone while you’re all sitting around the campfire.
This covers all of the essentials on the food and water checklist. If you found this helpful, read our next blog which covers all the essentials on the first aid and safety checklist!

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