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Ever feel like you are simpatico with your dog? Well you’re not the only one and there is recent proof that shows why you may feel this way. A study done by Melbourne’s Monash University found that the heart rates of a dog and its human become in sync when they are together. The study is called the Hearts Aligned project. The researchers of this study strapped on heart rate monitors and then separated and reunited three dogs and their humans. They found that when the dogs and their human were not together their heart beats were in different rhythms. When the dogs and their human were reunited, their hearts rates became in sync with each other. Excitement, and an increased heart rate, may have been present at first because of the joy of being back together. But, after spending time together, the human’s heart fell as the dog’s heart rate fell, eventually leading to a slow, synced heart rate. The researchers were actually shocked at how much the heart rates “mirrored” each other.


Researchers are saying that these results simply adds another great reason to own a dog. Slower heart rates can benefit your health. Heart disease is one of the top killers. Poor diet, lack of exercise, and stress can all contribute to an increased heart rate and heart disease. If spending more time with your dog can help decrease stress and lower your heart rate, then your overall health may increase as well!

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