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Posted by: John Mattar Category: New Products

The ink cartridge refills are back in stock for our best selling dog pens! Customers love our pens and we offer over 80 breeds so that means we probably have your favorite dog breed in stock. These pens are so popular because they write so smoothly! They just glide across your paper with the gel ink. They also write in black ink, which is a necessity in most offices and schools across the country. Customers also love how these pens give a fun splash of color to their desk. Plus, they put a smile on their face with a reminder of their four legged friend.
Some customers say they have a hard time finding the ink cartridge refills for our pens in their local office store or super store. That’s why we decided to always keep these .7mm ink refills in stock so our customers can keep enjoying their pens for years to come!

You can shop all of our dog lover pens here: Dog Writing Pens
Plus, get the ink cartridge refills for our pens here: .7mm Pen Refills for Dog Pens

dog-pen-refillsDog Pen Refills

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